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As superintendent of the Ellington Public Schools, Dr. Scott Nicol is proud to co-create with students, teachers, parents, administrators and the community to build a culture of learning that challenges and inspires all students on their personalized educational journey. Before he came to Ellington in 2015, Dr. Nicol served as the Executive Director of Performance Management for the Hartford Public Schools. He has served as a principal for Regional School District #13 (Durham and Middlefield), an assistant principal for the Vernon Public Schools, and a history teacher for Regional School District #8 (Hebron, Andover and Marlborough). A graduate of nearby Rockville High School, Dr. Nicol received his undergraduate degree from Providence College and holds a doctorate degree from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Nicol resides in Portland with his wife, Heather, and two sons, Carson and Reese.


The Ellington Public Schools enrolls approximately 2700 students. The 2700 are a diverse group who are undergoing a Renaissance, a reawakening. They are artists, athletes, scientists, inventors, debaters and so much more. They are whoever they want to be, and this is how it should be.

The 2700 are on a 13 year Ellington Public School journey from kindergarten to graduation. Their journey will witness each of The 2700 accessing varied opportunities to remember who they truly are, to reawaken their talents and passions, and to co-create with others.

The 2700 are constantly evolving, making errors in judgement, and failing often, yet making progress that they themselves might not recognize. The paths chosen are often arduous and winding, leaving those who guide and love The 2700 unsure how long they will remain asleep. However, it is not if they will awaken but when. And when they choose to closely examine their Ellington Public School journey, successes will abound, life lessons will be learned, and a Renaissance into adulthood will have been realized.

The Ellington Board of Education recently adopted the 2017-2018 budget to support The Renaissance of The 2700. With 2016-2017 resources directed at full day kindergarten, next school year's budget theme will focus on the enhancement of the arts and academics at Ellington High School (EHS).

The Board proposes to add two key positions at Ellington High School:

Theater Teacher

A full time theater position will ensure students are able to strengthen their skills in three primary areas of theater production:

          • Technical (scenery, lighting, properties, costuming, and sound)
          • Business (finances, publicity, and staffing)
          • Performance (playwriting, singing, dancing, and acting)

Currently, EHS offers the extra-curricular after-school club, Opening Knights Players (OKP). OKP puts on five to six performances per school year. These performances range from full length and short plays to musicals. This year on May 12th, 13th, and 14th, OKP will perform a full scale production of The Sound of Music.

It is anticipated that approximately 15% of Ellington High School students will take advantage of already developed theater courses when staffing is available to run them. Theater courses will enhance the arts like never before at EHS.

Math Instructional Specialist

A full time math instructional specialist will enhance the mathematic achievement of ALL students in the following manner:

          • Enhanced Innovative Instructional Practices
          • Increased Opportunities for Talent Enrichment
          • Vertical, Flexible Support Grades 9 - 12

This teacher, along with the entire EHS Math Department, will ensure students from all instructional levels (Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Prep.) receive support in four fundamental Mathematic areas:

          • Calculus
          • Statistics
          • Geometry
          • Algebra

In addition, the Ellington Board of Education has proposed a budget that continues to fund many other opportunities at Ellington High School. Students at EHS have access to over 25 extracurricular clubs and 44 athletic teams. The list of courses is comprehensive and includes Robotics, Forensics, Earth & Space Science, and Environmental Science.

Some of the newly approved courses to be highlighted for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:

Exploring Our World through Personalized Inquiry and Research
The course will focus on students developing compelling and researchable questions, applying disciplinary tools and concepts, and corroborating and evaluating sources in order to develop greater insight into their topic.

Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Program
This two-course sequence is designed to equip students with the independent research, collaboration and communication skills that are increasingly valued by colleges. AP Seminar will be offered in grades 10-12 and AP Research in grades 11-12. EHS is one of a handful of high schools in the state that have been chosen by College Board to run the AP Capstone program.

UCONN Early College Experience (ECE) - Medical Terminology and EMT Training
This course will be offered as a combination of school day instruction at EHS and evening classes and participation in clinical/ride along experiences. Students who successfully complete this course sequence will earn five (5) UCONN credits in addition to two high school credits. Ellington High School will be the first high school in the state to offer this program.

Mural Painting
Students will learn about the history of mural painting and the artistic process from conception of ideas to the finished product, a school mural. Creativity, playfulness and the artistic process are emphasized.

Ellington High School has also been named to the Advanced Placement (AP) District Honor Roll for the past three out of six years. The annual AP District Honor Roll recognizes districts for increasing access to Advanced Placement course work while maintaining or increasing the percentage of students earning scores of 3 or higher on AP Exams. Reaching these goals indicates that Ellington High School is successfully identifying motivated, academically prepared students who are likely to benefit from rigorous AP course work.

The Renaissance of The 2700 culminates at Ellington High School. For that reason, the Ellington Board of Education's 2017-2018 proposed budget is one of many major steps designed to ensure the continuous enhancement of the arts and academics at EHS.

The Board encourages all citizens to actively participate in the Town of Ellington's budget process. Your presence at the following two meetings would most certainly be encouraging:

  • Tuesday, March 21st (7:30 PM) Dr. Nicol presents to Board of Finance at Town Hall
  • Tuesday, April 11th (8:00 PM) Town Budget Public Hearing at EHS

The Renaissance of The 2700 continues. They are artists, athletes, scientists, inventors, debaters and so much more. They are whoever they want to be, and this is how it will be.

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