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We hope you are enjoying the new Ellington Public Schools Website.  We hope to use this new website to increase the communication between the schools, families and the community.

One of the new features currently being launched is the Parent and Student Portals.  For parents, these portals are a way for you to log into the district website and have access to all of your child's (or children's) classes, information and features being provided on the class web pages.  The user login will also allow you to subscribe to different alerts available on the new website (for example, if you would like to get an email alert if a calendar item is posted on the class page).

For students, this single login will give you access to all of your classes in one location.  It will also give you a personal file folder that will allow you to store documents such as papers.  This would be a good way to transfer files between home and school.

Parents will be provided with a login that is separate from the student login.  This will give you access to all of your children's classes, no matter the school, in one single location.

Note that you may find that some teachers are in the process of being trained to use all of the features of the site. Please be patient while we complete training and continue to add information and resources to the site.


If you have any questions, or would like support, please email


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