PBIS Ticket Winners - October 27

Veterans Day

Thank you to all the veterans who came to share their stories and experiences with our students.

Costume Parade

Windermere Whaler - November 2017

Look for the Good Project

Orange “Gratitude Spots” were placed in hallways throughout the school to remind students and staff to think about what they are thankful for. If they step on one, they think about what they are thankful for and share it aloud. We would love if you joined us in this process as well. Each morning, students will be writing their gratitude on sticky notes to create a beautiful “Gratitude Wall” of notes which will be displayed in the cafeteria. If you would like to add your own gratitude to the wall, there will be extra sticky notes in the main office.

In addition, you may find your child carrying an orange “Kindness Card” which says “You Matter” on it. Encourage them to tell you why they received the card and who they might give it to next. If your child has not received a card yet, encourage them to make their own Kindness Cards to give out at school. The more cards we circulate, the more we will remind students and staff to share their appreciation and kindness with each other!

To learn more about the science behind this program and how a humpback whale inspired thousands of kids to uplift their school communities with gratitude and kindness, please click on these links:

Science behind the program

The Humpback Whale Who Inspired it All

Veteran's Day Recognition

We have begun the process of planning for our annual Veteran's Day Recognition program. We are truly honored to be in a district that embraces Veteran's Day with the heartfelt and mindful recognition that is valued and all-important! Bring a Veteran to School Day information

Drop Off Reminder

Please be careful when dropping off your child in the parent drop off lane and be sure not to drop him/her off at the corner near the 5/6 wing. It can be dangerous and cause undue traffic tie-ups. When dropping off in the parent drop off lane; pull all the way up to the median sidewalk rather than stopping right at the crosswalk. This will assuage the backup that occurs in this lane out to Abbott Road. Thank you for understanding and your patience with this process.

Transportation policy information for Windermere School

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