PBIS Ticket Winners - January 22

Windermere Whaler - January 2018

PBIS Whole School Reward

To recognize our students' achievement of earning 20,000 PBIS Tickets, Windermere School will be having a Pajama Day on Friday, December 22nd. Students are reminded to dress for the cold weather and to follow our Ellington Public Schools Dress Code. Congratulations to our kiddos on a job "Whale Done!"

Drop Off Procedures

Additional reminder to parents - please be cognizant of our drop off procedures in the morning. If you are dropping your son/daughter off at school, please be sure to keep your car in the lane closest to the sidewalk and be sure that your son/daughter exits the vehicle onto the sidewalk, ONLY. The adult "helpers" outside are there for one reason - SAFETY for all. Please follow their instructions and assistance at all times – especially being waved to move up to the front of the line nearest the sidewalk leading to the crosswalk. This gives cars more room to move away from the long line of cars on Abbott Road. Thank you for understanding and assisting us.

Makerspace News

We are collecting donations for the Windermere Makerspace. Please sign up and send an item into school with your child. Thanks in advance for your support!

Transportation policy information for Windermere School

Veterans Day

Thank you to all the veterans who came to share their stories and experiences with our students.

Windermere is special because...

Happy 50th Anniversary