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Center School - Special Circumstances Transportation Request

Must be submitted a minimum of one full school day prior to the event date

Use this form if your child(ren) will go to and/or from school using a location other than your normal pickup or drop off for a one-time event.  

For Elementary students’ bus transportation to another location is available only if the alternate location is within the schools busing zone and the requested change is to a pre-existing stop. All Special Circumstances Transportation Requests must be submitted at least one full school day prior to the event and are contingent upon available space on the alternate bus to which the student would need to be assigned.

You must submit a new form for each occurrence. 

Please complete this form on-line.  You may access the form at the Ellington Public School (EPS) web site.  Should you encounter technical difficulties please contact the EPS administrative offices at 860-896-2300.

Center School

Dates Requested

Dates must be between 1 and 7 days from the time of submission