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Base Transportation Schedule

Ellington High School

This form allows parents to request a base schedule where students will travel to and/or from a location other than their primary residence. Permitted alternative locations include daycare, secondary residences, and to family members.

Requests requiring an alternate bus are contingent upon available space. At this time, we can only accommodate requests that are consistent week to week. It is not the responsibility of the board to make daily changes based on parent/guardian need.

Forms must be submitted byAugust 1stfor the start of the school year. Due to the volume of requests, forms submitted after the deadline may not be accommodated by the start of school.

If your arrangements change during the school year, you must submit a request indicating the new schedule. Please allow a minimum of five school days for the request to be reviewed.

First and Last name​
if more than 1 with the same schedule​​​​​
if more than 2 with the same schedule​​​​​​
if more than 3 with the same schedule​​
allow a minimum of 5 days notice​​​​​
if known​​​

For elementary students, bus transportation to an alternate location is available only if it is located within the same bus zone as the school. Special stops have been added to accommodate large daycare providers, Little House, Scotty’s and Preschool of the Arts. Parents/Guardians are responsible for arranging transportation to other daycare centers or private homes outside of their child’s school bus zone.

A: Alternate Location A

B: Alternate Location B (if needed)

Y: YMCA for Elementary Only The morning program is at Center School but bus transportation will be provided to Windermere. The afternoon program for Windermere students will be based at Windermere school.

P: Private Transportation - please contact your school to register those who are authorized to pick-up.

Please fill out the students schedule using the dropdowns below.

You will receive a confirmation when your submission is received and you will be notified as to the outcome of this request.