Central Office

Laura Bergeron

Titles: Food Services Bookkeeper

Christin Buxton

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Michele Cirillo

Titles: Curriculum Supervisor of Language Arts, Social Studies

Elizabeth Cole

Titles: Curriculum Supervisor of Science, Technology & Math

John Collins

Titles: Director of Technology

Michael Condel

Titles: Electrical Technician

Alex DeCicco

Titles: Technology Technician

Fred Gerber

Titles: Plumbing Technician

Rebecca Gonzalez

Titles: Director of Facilities

Brian Greenleaf

Titles: Director of Finance & Operations

Melissa Haberern

Titles: Special Education Supervisor

Brian Hendrickson

Titles: Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Susan Kalagher

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Barbara Kelliher

Titles: Van Coordinator, Administrative Assistant

Tara Kelly

Titles: ELL Coordinator

Robin Kline

Titles: K-8 Language Arts Coordinator

Kristy LaPorte

Titles: Director of Special Services

Leslie Mancuso

Titles: K-8 Mathematics Specialist

Jenna McDermott

Titles: Instructional Technology Specialist K-6

Kim McFall

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Robin Millette

Titles: Bookkeeper

Michael Nash

Titles: Technology Integration Specialist 7-12, Lead Teacher

Scott Nicol

Titles: Superintendent

Jennifer O'Brien

Titles: Administrative Assistant, Human Resource Coordinator

Patti Patton

Titles: Food Services Supervisor

Frank Raia

Titles: Currier

Brett Schwartz

Titles: Network & Computer Systems Administrator

Mary Seal

Titles: Accounting Specailist

Sara Spak

Titles: Behavioral Consultant/Behavioral Analysis

Denese Sterling

Titles: Technology Technician

Leonard Szarek

Titles: Maintenance HVAC

Catherine Tamsin

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Julie Warren

Titles: Insurance Lead

Anita Yost

Titles: Coordinator of Accounting