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Margaret Adduci

Titles: Special Education Teacher

Lalitha Alagappan

Titles: Substitute

Kelly Allan

Titles: Food Services Worker/Cashier

Bryan Andersen

Titles: Coach

John Barth

Titles: Resource Officer

Oliver Barton

Titles: Assistant Superintendent for Curr. & Inst.

Arturas Biryukas

Titles: Systems Administrator

Jennifer Brown

Titles: Coordinator of Human Resources

Kelly Browne

Titles: 7-12 Mathematics Instructional Specialist

Brooke Casella

Titles: Substitute

Michelle Cerrigione

Titles: Substitute

Deepa Colanukuduru

Titles: Substitute

Michael Condel

Titles: Electrical Technician

Troy Dabbondanza

Titles: Technology Technician

Max Daniel

Titles: Instructional Aide

James Davis

Titles: Currier