EPS Healthy Home Habits for Technology

At Ellington Public Schools, we believe technology can transform student learning by providing anytime access to information while allowing students to create authentic products and share their learning with the world. While technology can be a powerful tool, it can also be unhealthy if not used in moderation or within appropriate boundaries. If we teach children about appropriate and healthy use of technology while providing appropriate boundaries, we will limit potential unhealthy consequences for children.

We know…

Therefore, we recommend...

  1. Cell phones and other technology (including video games) be turned off at least one hour before bedtime.

  1. Cell phones and other technology be stored and charged outside of the bedroom.

  1. Cell phones be placed in another room and turned to silent/do not disturb during homework or reading time.

  1. Parents/guardians have all passwords for social media accounts and be logged into those accounts on their own devices.

  1. All households have a “tech free time” policy where phones and devices are put aside or turned off by all family members on parent/guardian request.