Contact Manager Setup


  1. Go to the SchoolMessenger section of Ellington's district web page:
    Click the "Set up my Contact Manager Account" link located at the top of the page.
  2. On the Sign Up, you will need to enter a valid email address, a password, your name, and Ellington's zip code (06029). You'll use your email address and the password you entered here to sign into the system.

    Check the box to accept the terms of service and click "Create Account" when you are done.
  3. Check your email and open the message from It will look like the picture below. Click on the link to the confirmation page.

  4. This link will take you to the Account Activation Page. Your confirmation code should already be entered. You will need to enter your password and hit Submit. Example of the screen is below:

  5. Press "Click Here to Begin."

    Step 1: Click the top option to activate by phone.

    Step 2: Add Contact. Use your child's student ID, shown in the parent letter.
    Each additional child's information will appear in a separate letter; you will need to add each one of your children as contacts.

    Step 3: Call 877-536-8216 and enter the activation code provided on the webpage. You must call into the system from one of the phone numbers associated with your child's student record. You will be able to see the last three digits of the numbers on this screen for verification purposes.

  6. When you have finished, your account will be displayed. Click on the "Contacts" tab

    Click "Edit" next to the contact names.

Here you can choose what type of messages you want to recieve to each phone number and email address we have on file. You can also add additional phone numbers and email addresses.

Please note, any changes you make to your contact preference profile are for SchoolMessenger notifications ONLY and will not affect your emergency contact information at your child's school. If you wish to make changes to your child's recorded emergency contact list, you must contact your school directly.

Click "Save" when you are finished.