Food Service Program

Food Service Program

Free breakfast and lunch for everyone!!

Due to recent USDA waiver extensions related to COVID-19, Ellington Public Schools will be able to provide all breakfast and lunch meals free of charge until further notice. Per USDA, the program will continue until December 31, 2020 or until funds run out. Please see meal options below for both in-school and distance learning days. We still encourage families in need to apply for meal benefits to ensure you have what you need when the waiver expires. Please see the information under the Free and Reduced Meal Applications heading at the bottom of the web page. Questions or concerns can be emailed to or you can call 860-896-2339 x301.

In-School Meals –

Breakfast and Lunch meals are available for all students during in-school days. Please refer to the Welcome Letter below or your school’s Reopening Plan for details regarding in-school meal distribution. Menus are also available below.

Distance Learning Meals –

Grab & Go Breakfast and Lunch meals are available for pick up Mon-Fri at the front entrance of Ellington High School 9am-10:30am daily. At this time there is no pre-order form requirements, if that changes we will email the order form instructions to parents and students directly. As of right now you can simply come to the front entrance of the school and our food service staff member will provide you with the meals needed. Meal pick up is also available in Hartford for Choice students – please click here for details

Regulations for free meals –

One free breakfast and One free lunch is available daily for all EPS students AND all Ellington residents under the age of 18. Please do not pick up a grab and go meal on a day that your student is in school, please follow the in-school meal procedures on those days. When you pick up meals please be prepared to provide the student name(s) and school(s). If you are picking up for an Ellington child that does not attend EPS please be prepared to provide the child’s name and address. All grab & go meals will be served frozen/cold and will need to be heated prior to eating. Please click here for details.

Welcome Back Letter


Please click the Ellington Food Service Program link below for all menus, contact information, pricing and nutritional information including allergens. For your convenience, this month we have also attached a simplified menu in a Word Document below.

Ellington Food Service Program


Grab & Go Breakfast Kits will be available for purchase daily. Students will have a choice between a muffin kit or a cereal kit. Fruit is included with the meal and choice of milk will be offered.

September 2020 Lunch Menu

Elementary Schools

Ellington Middle School

Ellington High School

September Distance Learning Menu

Elementary Schools

Middle School and High School

Beverages & Snacks (a la carte)

Fat Free Chocolate Milk or White 1% milk is offered (but not required) with every breakfast and lunch meal.

Initially upon re-opening the only a la carte items available for students to purchase will be an 8 oz milk for $.60 and/or a 16.9 oz bottled water for $1.25. Please make sure there is money in your student’s meal account as they will not be allowed to purchase any a la carte items without money in the account. Please go to to add money to your student's account. You will need your student’s 8-digit ID number which can be found on your Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Free and Reduced Meal Applications

We are excited to announce that Online Applications for Free and Reduced Meals are now available through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. When you log onto your parent portal account, click ‘More’ then click ‘Meal Benefits’ to find the link to the online application.

Please click on the "Online Applications Memo" and "FAQ 20-21 Free Reduced Application" attachments below for more information about the free and reduced meal benefits.

Paper copies of the Free and Reduced Meal Application are also available to download & print below. Please send all completed paper copies of applications to the Determining Official at 46 Middle Butcher Rd. Ellington, CT 06029

20-21 Free and Reduced Application

20-21 Free and Reduced Application (Spanish)

Online Applications Memo

FAQ 20-21 Free Reduced Application

The Ellington Public Schools are proud to collaborate with Whitsons School Nutrition to offer a healthy, nutritious, and convenient meal program for everyone.

Our goal is to plan, prepare and serve nutritious meals, so our children are motivated to make healthy food choices at school.

The traditional food-based menu planning system requires specific food group components to be served in specific amounts for each age/grade level. The National School Lunch Program was established in 1946, this plan was designed to provide each child with 1/3 of the recommended dietary allowance per day.

Our mission is to provide students with a healthy lunch that meets 1/3 of their daily nutritional requirements according to the USDA guidelines.

Ellington Food Service program

Online meal accounts

Wellness Program

Online Applications for Free and Reduced Meals Memo

Information on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Husky Insurance

Nondiscrimination Statement

Civil Rights Procedures

Tastefully Plated

All Reimbursable Meal Prices abide by the USDA & CSDE guidelines.



Paid - Elementary





$3.00 / $3.50 for premium meals



$3.25 / $3.75 for premium meals

Low-fat milk is available with all reimbursable meals.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time and look forward to serving healthy and delicious meals to our students in a safe and convenient way. Please email questions to or call 860-896-2339 x301.