Safe School Climate Information

Anonymous Reporting

For any students that have witnessed or suspected bullying, harassing, or other behavior that they would like to report to the school anonymously, you can complete this online form.


EHS Link Crew

Link Crew is a high school transition program designed to build relationships between incoming freshmen and a selected group of upperclassmen within Ellington High School. Link crew focuses on creating a positive and comfortable environment throughout the school while promoting student leadership. As leaders, upperclassmen will mentor incoming freshmen while guiding them through a successful transition. This process begins during freshman orientation and continuously develops throughout the school year through a variety of events and opportunities for freshmen and their student leaders to reconnect.



SEL Strike-force

Our mission is to define, research, train staff on, and implement aspects of SEL and determine how SEL best fits into -or can best improve the culture at EHS.


EHS Unified Leadership Committee(ULC)

The EHS Unified Leadership Committee (ULC) is a group of students who organize the annual U-Knighted Week held in February which begins with a school-wide kick off assembly and culminates with a pep rally. The objective is to develop honorable individuals who are respectful, responsible, confident, and ethical by promoting acceptance among the student body through the use of self-reflection, open-mindedness, and integrity.The ULC strives to create EHS as a prejudice-free zone by promoting the student developed U-Knighted Pledge that includes the statement, “I will make a conscious effort to be aware of my own biases against people whom are different from me.”


Safe School Climate Plan

EHS Safe School Climate Plan