Washington DC

We are getting close to our trip so the pace will be picking up. I just want to provide a quick heads up regarding important dates that are coming up:

  • April 24 We will be sending home the forms and rules regarding medications. The main takeaways are:
    • Students cannot carry any medications, Prescription or OTC, with the exception of their inhaler and Epi-Pen.
    • A physician's order is required for everything that they take Prescription and OTC.
    • This is Federal Law so we have no wiggle room and there are no exception.
    • Everything from the Doctor and the pharmacy must be delivered to and picked up from EMS by an adult. Students cannot carry any medications.
    • Everything must be here well in advance of the trip so that it can be organized for proper availability to your child . With the forms, we will provide due dates for everything.
  • May 1st Final payment to DATTCO is due. Please let me know if you are having any issues with this or the website.
  • May 8th I will be meeting with the kids every Wednesday from this point out to go over expectations, how to pack, and all of the nuts and bolts of making this a great experience for them. I will provide everyone with the itinerary and hotel information. While I publish an itinerary, quite often we make changes to it at the last minute and even on the fly. It will give you an idea of what our plans are.
  • Early May We do a lot of walking, If you plan on sending your child with a new pair of shoes, now is the time to get them so they can be broken in for maximum comfort.
  • May 10 Please let me know of any dietary restrictions for your child so that we have time to prepare them for the trip.
  • May 24 The final day for your child to submit the required project to be included on the trip.
  • June 4 through June 7 The Trip

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns

Steve Donovan Ed.D

Washington DC Trip Coordinator