PBIS Ticket Winners - April 20th

Rock Your Socks

On Wednesday, March 21st, #WorldDownSyndromeDay, we participated in Rock Your Socks to support the rights, inclusion and well-being of people with Down Syndrome in our school, community and around the world. It is the hope that rocking our funky and mismatched socks can spark conversations about the ways in which we care about and celebrate the things that make each of us unique! As we continue to 'look for the good' at Windermere School, it is important to recognize the different gifts everyone possesses.

Windermere Whaler - April 2018

What's Happening

The elementary principals are pleased to share video overviews explaining various programs in the Ellington Public Schools. Click on the links below for a closer look at what's happening in our schools. You may see some familiar faces!

Physical EducationMindfulness
Learning ProgressionsSocial Emotional Learning
Personalized LearningStudent-Led Conferences
SBAC Testing

Drop Off Procedures

Additional reminder to parents - please be cognizant of our drop off procedures in the morning. If you are dropping your son/daughter off at school, please be sure to keep your car in the lane closest to the sidewalk and be sure that your son/daughter exits the vehicle onto the sidewalk, ONLY. The adult "helpers" outside are there for one reason - SAFETY for all. Please follow their instructions and assistance at all times – especially being waved to move up to the front of the line nearest the sidewalk leading to the crosswalk. This gives cars more room to move away from the long line of cars on Abbott Road. Thank you for understanding and assisting us.

Makerspace News

We are collecting donations for the Windermere Makerspace. Please sign up and send an item into school with your child. Thanks in advance for your support!

Transportation policy information for Windermere School

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