Health Services



Lynn Seypura   District Nurse Supervisor (860) 896-2322
    School Nurse - Crystal Lake School  
Kelly Hany   District Nurse Supervisor (860) 896-2315
    School Nurse - Center School  
Christy Ballasy   School Nurse - High School (860) 896-2352 Ext. 2
Danielle Aldrich   School Nurse - Middle School (860) 896-2339
Ashleigh Surprenant   School Nurse - Windermere School (860) 896-2329
Linda Tripp   School Nurse - Windermere School (860) 896-2329


" Please inform the nurse at your school of any chronic conditions that would mimic any of the Covid-19 symptoms. We will need a note from the doctor stating this diagnosis to keep on file. Thank you!"