Social-Emotional Supports and Trauma Informed Practices

This website was created to offer our community opportunities to access information and support when experiencing trauma, difficult situations or interested in obtaining more knowledge in a specific area. We offer our students and their families support through our schools. We also partner with Ellington Youth Services to increase services within our school and larger community.

If you need help immediately, call 211 for support

School Counseling Staff

School Psychologists School Phone Email
Olivia Patoka Ellington High School 860-896-2352
Valerie Watt Ellington High School 860-896-2352
Elizabeth Ryan Ellington Middle School 860-896-2339
Diana Richards Center School 860-896-2315
Carin Faraci Crystal Lake School 860-896-2322
Megan Glunt Windermere School 860-896-2339
Kate Preuss Windermere School 860-896-2339
Christina Marcotte S-BASES 860-896-2365
School Counselors School Phone Email
Andrea Howarth Ellington High School 860-896-2352
Jessica Marshall Ellington High School 860-896-2352
Ryan Anderson Ellington High School 860-896-2352
Courtney Heuitson Ellington High School 860-896-2352
Beth Shaw Ellington Middle School 860-896-2339
Scott Raiola Ellington Middle School 860-896-2339
Social Workers School Phone Email
Lorinda Spivey S-BASES 860-896-2365
Heidi Macchi E-BASES 860-870-0250
SEL Speciality School Phone Email
Solomon Leonard Districtwide Elementary 860-896-2315