School Security

The Ellington Public Schools are committed to the safety and security of students, & staff on our school campuses. In accordance with State laws, we conduct an all-hazards review of our school's emergency prevention, protection, mitigation response, and recovery procedures for relevant natural and human-caused events. This plan is updated on an annual basis and submitted to the State of Connecticut for review.

District Security Committee

  • Dr. Scott Nicol, Superintendent
  • Dr. Kristy LaPorte, Director of Special Services
  • Kristen Picard-Wambolt, Board Member
  • Dr. Sue Nash-Ditzel, CLS Principal
  • Michael Nash, EMS Co-Principal
  • Michele Murray, EMS Co-Principal
  • John Guidry, EHS Principal
  • Michael Verderame, Center Principal
  • Jennifer Hill, Windermere Principal
  • Patrick Soucy, First Student Manager
  • Rebecca Gonzalez, Director of Facilities
  • John Collins, Director of Technology
  • Brian Greenleaf, Director of Finance & Ops.
  • Sherri Shaw, Nurse Supervisor
  • Lori Spielman, First Selectman
  • Patrice Sulik, Dir. of Health
  • Joseph Palombizio, Emergency Management Dir.
  • Gregory White, Finance Director
  • Rich Hill, Ellington Fire Chief
  • James York, Ellington Fire Marshal
  • Sgt. Brian Santa, State Trooper
  • Timothy Seitz, Crystal Lake Fire Chief
  • Peter Hany, Ellington Ambulance Corp
  • Dustin Huguenin, Parks & Recreation Director
  • Timothy Webb, Director of Public Works
  • Lindsay Cowles, Food Services Director

School Based Security Committees

Each School-Based Security Committee follows state requirements and guidelines, with the following parties represented on the committees:

  • a local police officer,
  • local first responders,
  • teacher and administrator from the school,
  • a mental health professional,
  • a parent or guardian of a student at the school,
  • teachers,
  • a school nurse,
  • custodian and facilities director,
  • local emergency management director,
  • and transportation coordinator.

Meetings & Reporting

The District Security Committee or its Security Subcommittee meets five times per year.

The School Based Security Committees meet four times per year at each school.

The Board of Education will be briefed twice per year, in anticipated executive session, regarding the safety and security of the school district. This briefing will occur in November and May.

Security Updates