School Enrollment Policy

In September 2017, the Board of Education unanimously voted to approve Policy 5117 School Enrollment Zones.

School Enrollment Zones Policy

School Enrollment Zones by Street (Zones remain unchanged and have not changed for over a decade.)

EPS’ Student Enrollment Prompts New Policy (Ellington Events Article – Winter 2018)

School Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Policy not applicable to families with children enrolled as of January 1, 2018.

Can you briefly describe the policy?

Enrollment projections for the district continue to show significant growth. Unfortunately the district cannot evenly distribute new students among the three elementary school zones.

In order to provide flexibility for the district, the policy allows the administration to determine the best placement for incoming students based on a number of factors, including including school enrollments and transportation.

Which families will be affected by this policy?

This policy will primarily impact a small number of students entering kindergarten or newly enrolled in the district.

Students attending a school prior to January 1, 2018 will not be reassigned to a school outside their established enrollment zone, unless mutually agreed to by the parents/guardians and the Superintendent.

If my family already has a child enrolled in an elementary school, could the sibling be assigned to a different elementary school?

No, students with a sibling enrolled in an elementary school will be assigned to the same school as their sibling.

What are the factors which will determine student placement?

  • Safety of students;
  • Student educational needs;
  • Location of regular and special education programs;
  • Optimum use of existing facilities;
  • Student residential patterns and school enrollments;
  • Ages of students served;
  • Transportation.

Who will make the decision about which school a child attends?

The decision is a thoughtful process determined by the administration.

If the district assigns my student to a school outside my established zone, will transportation be provided?


Requests for Elementary School Assignment

Can families request to attend an elementary school outside the established zone?

Parents/guardians of children may request an assignment to a school outside their established school zone. The Superintendent will consider the request, which may be granted at the sole discretion of the Superintendent on an annual basis.

In order to submit a request, please use this form: Elementary School Request.

Is there a timeframe for this request to be made?

Requests for alternate school placement will be accepted from March 1st through August 15th for the following school year. Decisions, including deferment of requests, will be communicated on a rolling basis, in line with the dates for Kindergarten Registration. Requests for alternate school placement will not be accepted after the school year begins.

If my request is granted, will transportation be provided?

No. Parents/guardians of children are responsible for the student’s transportation.