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Summer Guidance Information


The purpose of the advisory program is to:

  • Provide multiple opportunities between healthy student development and academic success.
  • Help ensure that all students have at least one adult who knows them well.
  • Create stronger bonds among students, cutting across social groups that form in schools.
  • Provide an ideal setting to teach and practice important life skills and encourage a student voice on school-wide issues.
  • Establish a forum for academic, college and career coaching, and advising that cuts across subject areas.
  • Assist students in achieving our school-wide expectations for student learning by developing a student portfolio.

All students will be assigned to a specific advisory group based on their year of graduation. These groups will meet for 15 sessions during the school day throughout the academic year, culminating in a senior portfolio which will include evidence of how each student has met the EHS 21 Century Expectations for Student Learning. All Ellington High School students will participate in the portfolio part of the advisory program. The portfolio benefits the students and is representative of the work and experiences during their time at EHS. There are specific minimum requirements for the content of student portfolios however students are encouraged to personalize their portfolios around a theme that best describes their interests and aspirations as a high school student.