College Board AP Information

Parents and AP students,

The College Board has changed the AP registration process and payment schedule for the 2019-20 school year. During the next few weeks, students will be signing up for their AP Exam Group with their classroom teacher which will provide access to many online resources to help prepare for the AP exam.

Students who elect to take the AP exam in May, will need to complete additional steps between now and OCTOBER 18th including registering to take the exam and submitting a deposit.

All exam fees are managed online through APTS (Achievement Point Test Service).


Activation Deadline: OCTOBER 21, 2019
Deposit Submission Deadline: OCTOBER 21, 2019
Balance Due in Full Deadline: FEBRUARY 1, 2020

Dear AP Student, As you most likely already have seen in the email sent out to all AP Exam examinees directly by The College Board on April 3, 2020, the AP exams WILL be administered in May 2020, but in a completely new and revolutionary AT HOME and ONLINE format.

We encourage you and your family to sit down and carefully review the information available on The College Board website at We recommend you bookmark the link above so you can easily monitor it in the next month for more updates and information as The College Board works to modify the delivery of your AP exam(s).

A few key items we want to make sure that you review ASAP:

Your MyAP Account email address - College Board will be communicating with students with active exams DIRECTLY through this email address. If you have not received emails from The College Board in the last two weeks, this may indicate that there is an error in the email you have on your MyAP account.

○ Log into ASAP and navigate to "MyAP Profile" to review that the email address on file is one you ACTIVELY check and use.

The College Board will be sending the high security login credentials that you will need to log into the Exam Platform to the student email address on the MyAP account. Without that log in access that will be sent by The College Board directly, you will NOT be able to take the AP exam.

● The New and updated AP Exam Schedule of Exams (Linked HERE)

● The Exam Content and Format- What will be focused on for this exam has been drastically adjusted. Review the details regarding each exam's new modified focus as well as new format (available HERE). Connect with your teachers asap!

Know that you will be able to take your exams on ANY internet connected device - a phone, a tablet, an iPad, a laptop, a desktop computer. More details will be released by the College Board towards the end of April AND you will have an opportunity to try out the exam format and upload of material steps before exam day.

Access to technology - Complete the College Board assistance form by April 24, 2020 if you need a device or if you need internet access to be able to take your exam(s). Form is linked HERE.

Exams with Accommodations - if you have already been approved by the College Board for accommodations on your AP exam(s), those accommodations will automatically be applied by the exam content platform (or site). The accommodations are linked via your SSD Number to your AP ID Number and will be automatic.

Exam Security - this is being taken VERY seriously! The College Board will be applying all the technology resources at their fingertips to maintain the integrity and security of the exams, INCLUDING sending a copy of the work you submit to your AP teacher by May 26, 2020. Review carefully the security details.

Preparation for the exams - a ton of resources available through MyAP, your teachers, and the College Board directly. Monitor for resources.

● And last but not least, if you do feel that you would like to cancel your AP exam due to the extended school closures and how COVID-19 has affected you, here is our policy::

Ellington High School AP Cancellation Policy:

Students wishing to cancel their AP exam will be refunded $94.

● To cancel, families must email the APTS cancellation desk at and include:

● Student name

● Name of their school (including city/state)

● Title of the exam to cancel

● The cancellation/refund processing period for APTS is 72 hours.

● Note that at this time, credit card processing fees are not eligible for a refund (MC/Visa). It’s possible this could change.

● If you paid by check, a refund check will be mailed to you.

● The deadline to cancel an AP Exam is April 30, 2020.